Nickname Brownie.

DOB 16/05/1997.

Born Perth, Western Australia.

Current digs Scarborough (Perth), Western Australia.

Height 5'7 (170cms).

Weight 70kgs.

Local go to surf spot? Scarbs.

Favorite wave? gallows

Favorite wave I haven't been to yet? Skeleton Bay/ Bluff when it's choofing.

Post surf go to meal? 1kg tub of hummus and whatever I can find to scoop it out.

Slabs or point breaks? Slabs for sure.

Hacks or punts? hacks

Lefts or Rights? left.

Cats or dogs? Martha dog for sure.

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? 5'10 Model 8 x 2 (PU and a torsion spring), 6'2 Blackbird and 5'8 Blade.

Out of those, what are you riding the most and why? Model 8 with a swallow, can't fault it, the board goes so good in everything.

Inspirations? Dane Reynolds, Ian Crane, and Mason Ho.

Surprise, surprise? Big birthmark close to my ass that makes it look like I've shat myself.

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