Nickname Mosh.

DOB 08/03/2003.

Born Jan Juc, Victoria.

Current digs Jan Juc, Victoria.

Height 5'10 (178cms).

Weight 57kgs.

Local go to surf spot? Jan Juc and Bells Beach reefs.

Favorite wave? It's a three way tie between Snapper (I love the barrels and long walls which are great for turns), Keramas (it's such a fun surfing playground) and Fishoes which is super fun for surfing on something a little bit different!

Favorite wave I haven't been to yet? Waimea River and Waco Texas wave pool.

Post surf go to meal? An acai bowl when it's warm or some hot chips with chicken salt when it's cold.

Slabs or point breaks? slabs

Hacks or punts? Punts for sure.

Lefts or Rights? Rights all the way.

Cats or dogs? dog

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? Current quiver consist of a 5'9 Model 8, 5'10 Mi Amigo, 5'11 Enough Said and a 5'7 Twin Fin which I love. Also, I've currently got a 5'10 Blade being shaped which I can't wait to surf!

Out of those, what are you riding the most ? It would be a close tossup between the 5'9 Model 8 (as it's a solid all round model that goes great in just about anything) and my 5'7 Twin Fin because that thing is just about the most fun blard I've ever ride! Makes rubbish surf at my local beachy super fun and it also went a gem up at Snapper/Greenmount when I was up there and an epic swell came through!

Inspirations? Michael Ciaramella, Mason Ho and Jamie O'Brien.

Surprise, surprise? I have two guinea pigs named John John and Florence, yes I named them after JJF 😂.

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