ollie henry rusty sponsored rider

DOB 19/01/2001.

Born Warkworth, NZ.

Current digs Dunsborough, WA.

Height 6'0 (183cms)

Weight 76kgs

Local go to surf spot? Basically anywhere in the Yallingup area.

Favorite wave? The Right.

Favorite wave I haven't been to yet? Shipsterns or the Mexico right hand points.

Post surf go to meal? Usually eat whatever I cooked for dinner the night before, so usually something tapped lol. Oh, and a coffee!

Slabs or point breaks? Slabs all the way.

Hacks or punts? Punts, but a good combo of both is where it's at.

Cats or dogs? cats!

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? I've got a 5'6 '419 Fish', 5'9 'Blade, 5'11 to 6'0 'Yes Thanks', 6'1 & 6'4 'Travellers', 8'4 Gun and two 5' 9 tow boards.

Out of those, what are you riding the most and why? I've been riding my 5'9 Blade heaps this summer, it's just good for all conditions and I don't have any dramas with it. It's a step down from a short board but it basically does the same thing, just without all the extra length. It fits in the pocket of small waves well but handles over head surf as well and holds.

Inspirations? Jake Osman has probably inspired me the most out at The Right, he gets some f*cked up ones. Dane Reynolds in normal waves, he's just a beast.

Surprise, surprise? I'm really organized and always have to have a clean house, room and car. Before I go out on the piss, I always have to leave my room spotless, it's pretty funny.

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