About Rusty

Rusty was formed in San Diego, California in the mid 80's. It all started when a group of creative minds came together who shared a passion for making high-quality, performance-oriented surfboards.


In 2006, Rusty moved its global headquarters to the sun-drenched city of Perth, Western Australia, where we remain today. Here our team was looking for new challenges in the form of manufacturing lifestyle clothing and accessories.


More than 30 years after the brand was founded, Rusty is still independent and run by a small local team following the path pioneered by our founder, Rusty Preisendorfer. To this day, the global surfboard business is run from San Diego under Rusty's design direction while our surfboards are formed in Mona Vale, NSW.


As a brand, we strive to move with the tides of trends and technology while staying true to our surfing heritage. Salt water is in our brand and team's blood, which is evident from the dripping wetsuits and towels hanging outside reception most days!


Our goal is and will always be to produce the best quality surf clothing, boards and accessories for customers all over the world.