Nickname Soph, choccy, chickie and another one, which I will not repeat for this interview.

DOB 12/02/2000.

Born Melbourne, VIC.

Current digs Phillip Island, Victoria.

Height 5'4 (163cms).

Weight 58kgs.

Local go to surf spot? Woolamai.

Favorite wave? Jbay or Woolamai double ups.

Favorite wave I haven't been to yet? All the point breaks in Central/South America. Hawaii!

Post surf go to meal? Chicken cheese avo pesto toastie from the local store.

Slabs or point breaks? Points.

Hacks or punts? hacks

Lefts or Rights? Rights.

Cats or dogs? dog

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? Projects and Sista Brotha, classic Fish Twinnie, Blade and BC Twinnie.

Out of those, what are you riding the most? Project, overall great performance board in all conditions. Definitely my go to.

Inspirations? I've always been totally inspired by others, people inspire me. We all have such unique quirky stories!! I want to surf like Andy Irons, sing like Vera Blue (can't sing to save myself) and ride and dance on boards like Mickey Feb and Steph.

Surprise, surprise? I'm an alright tennis player, so bad with blood/cuts/needles, passed out in an airplane bathroom on my way to America just from watching a gory movie. Woke up out the back on oxygen with air hostess's. Loves a sneaky vlog on the handy cam and capturing fun moments on film. Terrified of reptiles.

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