Rusty team rider Ned Hart

Nickname Overhead Ned, Neddos or Neddy.

DOB 08/06/2006.

Born Oxford, England.

Current digs Yallingup, Western Australia.

Height 5'0 (152cms).

Weight 43kgs.

Local go to surf spot? Rabbits but love Mufflers if it's working.

Favorite wave? Desert point but also Pipeline now but that's hell hectic haha.

Favorite wave I haven't been to yet? Teahupoo in Tahiti.

Post surf go to meal? Acai bowl or surf meal bars.

Slabs or point breaks? slabs!

Hacks or punts? punts

Lefts or Rights? Lefts, especially barrels on my backhand.

Cats or dogs? Dog's 100%.

Inspirations? Jack Robbo, Taj, Mason Ho & John John Florence.

Surprise, surprise? I have dual nationality with Aussie and UK. I can fold my tongue in 5 rolls! Haha, that's supposed to be rare!

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